Policy Change Survey

Please note: Our survey has been completed. A report is due soon.

(note: Washington State only)

Coalition for Rights & Safety for People in the Sex Trade, a network of over a dozen community groups in Seattle/King County area, invites you to be part of the Community Survey for Policy Changes to Protect Rights & Safety led by and for people in the sex trade.

This survey is intended for people who have engaged in the sex trade in Washington State. By “engaged in the sex trade,” we mean anyone who has traded or exchanged sexual act or sexual service for money, food, place to sleep, drugs, or anything of value, regardless of choice, circumstances, and coercion (or combination thereof) that led to their involvement in the trade.

We are not outside academic researchers building careers for ourselves. About half of us are current and former sex workers or people with histories in the sex trade, and the rest are our friends and allies in various community groups.

We exist to amplify the voices of people like you who are directly impacted by policies that are enacted in our City/County/State. After removing personally identifying information, your stories may be used in presentation, report, publication, or statements to demonstrate the real-life impact of policies and to push for better approaches that protect the rights and safety for people in the sex trade.

As a thank-you for participating in the survey, you will receive a VISA or MasterCard gift card for $50 after the survey is completed. In order to receive the compensation, you will need the “invitation code.” You can get an invitation code by texting or leaving voicemail at (713) 364-4475 or emailing info@rightsandsafety.org, or from our community partner. [note: Survey has ended and gift cards are no longer available.]

If you are interested in helping us and our communities by participating in the survey, please contact us. You can also text or leave voice mail at (713) 364-4475 or email us at info@rightsandsafety.org.

The link to the survey is HERE.

Thank you,

The Coordinatrix
Coalition for Rights & Safety for People in the Sex Trade
Seattle, Washington